Dundas was recently named a Niche Player in the
2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms.

We’ve long had a reputation for delivering to our customers an unmatched, personalized experience, and this inclusion further cements Dundas as an important player in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. At Dundas, we do things differently. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about us, and it’s our appreciation for the uniqueness of our customers that’s given us an edge.

Why do analysts and real users love Dundas BI?

An Expertise in Customizable & Embedded Analytics

Dundas BI is extremely flexible, and we're continuously recognized for that. One of our unique strengths stems from our fully open APIs, allowing you to customize our platform to your wildest expectations.

A Powerful Combination of Traditional Reporting & Modern Analytics

No two users are alike; whether you’re a consumer, an analyst, or an advanced developer, Dundas BI will adapt to your every need. With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, incredible control, and limitless customization capabilities, pixel-perfect dashboards are easily created.

A Focus on Customer Experience

Customer-centricity flows through us like electricity. It energizes us, gives us the spark we need to fuel your success. Elite training programs, a praised user community, and our undivided attention are yours - just ask!

Remove guesswork from the equation.
Get a tailored demo with your data.

Long known for our immensely flexible and highly customizable BI and analytics platform, it’s our engaging, personal approach to understanding and solving your problem that sets us apart. Don’t take it from us - see for yourself why Dundas is a market leader. Enjoy an open-ended and interactive discussion tailored to your needs, led by a business intelligence expert.

Your Personal, Live Demonstration Awaits

We’ll show you:

  • Dundas BI in action – using your data.
  • How Dundas BI can be customized like no other platform.
  • How Dundas BI empowers ANY USER with real-time insight.

These are just some of the great companies that use Dundas BI

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