Chrome version 48 SVG issue


1. Overview

A breaking change starting with Chrome version 48 causes JavaScript errors in earlier versions of Dundas BI, leading to broken visualizations (charts, state indicators, gauges, legends, maps and diagrams, including when displayed as a column in a table). The problems may only happen after viewing or adding one of the affected visualizations.

All versions of Dundas BI prior to and including 2.5.1 Revision 1 are affected.

Chrome version 48 was released around January 22, 2016 and would have been automatically installed silently for most users.

There are two options for resolving this issue.

2. Option 1: Upgrade to the latest version of Dundas BI

Dundas BI 2.5.1 Revision 2 or later contains the fix for this issue. 

To download the latest version, log in first on the Dundas BI support site and go to My Account which you can find right beside the Login/Logout button. Click on the My Downloads tab and you'll find the download link there.

3. Option 2: Manually apply the polyfill patch

You can apply a patch provided by the Chromium developers using either a JavaScript override or HTML override in Dundas BI.

3.1. Using JavaScript override

Edit the JavaScript override file for your Dundas BI instance. You can find this file at:


Download this zip file and extract the pathseg.js file. Open pathseg.js with Notepad and copy its contents. Then paste into javascript.override.js.

3.2. Using HTML override

Download this zip file and extract the pathseg.js file. Save pathseg.js into the HTML Override folder for your Dundas BI instance. This folder is at:


Edit the HTML override file for your Dundas BI instance. You can find this file at:


Add the following script tag to Html.Override.html.

<script src="/Override/pathseg.js"></script>

This script tag should work for most installations. If the application was installed into a virtual directory and not located at the root directory of its website, the “src” address above will need to be modified to include the path to the application.

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