Share axis scales in a scorecard


1. Overview

By default, copies of a chart that are generated in a scorecard/report repeating group share the same Numeric and Date/Time axis scales. However, there may be cases where you want to change this behavior. For example, you have a spark line chart where it is more important to see the shape of the curve than to compare Y-values.

The following walkthrough shows you how to share or unshare axis scales in a report or scorecard. The data for this example comes from a data cube which joins the SalesOrderDetail, SalesOrderHeader, and Person tables from the AdventureWorks 2012 sample database. You can build a similar data cube by following the steps from this article.

2. Walkthrough

Create a new scorecard as follows:

  1. Create a new scorecard from the main menu.
  2. Drag the Product hierarchy from a data cube in the Explore window to the scorecard grouping area (drop a column or hierarchy here...).
  3. Drag the Product hierarchy from the data cube to the scorecard body area; it will appear as a data label for showing product names.
  4. Open the Data Binding Panel for the product data label and edit the Product hierarchy. In the Configure Metric Set Element dialog, set the Level dropdown to Product.
  5. Go to the toolbar, click Data Visualization, and then select Line to add a line chart.
  6. Drag the line chart to the scorecard body area.
  7. Add the LineTotal measure and OrderDate as a row hierarchy to the line chart.
  8. Add a second line chart to the scorecard body area and configure it the same as the first chart.

The scorecard should look as follows.

Initial scorecard design
Initial scorecard design

Select the second line chart and go to its Properties. Click Left Axis 1 to view and modify the left axis properties.

Uncheck the Share Scale With Copies property.

Share Scale With Copies property
Share Scale With Copies property

Switch to View mode to see the scorecard.

Observe that the line charts in the second column all share the same left axis scale. For a couple of the charts, it is difficult to see the trend because their Y-values are so small compared to the other charts.

The line charts in the third column do not share the same left axis scale. It is much easier to see the shape of the curves in this case.

View the scorecard
View the scorecard

When sharing scale with copies is enabled, there is another property on the chart itself which lets you share only with copies having the same parent in the repeater group.

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