Optimizing the Application Database


1. Overview

The Dundas BI Application Database is a SQL Server database which is critical to the operation of Dundas BI. This is where all of the configuration settings, user information, and DBI objects such as data cubes and dashboards are stored. Over time, the Application Database indexes may become fragmented, and degrade performance.

To avoid index fragmentation, it is strongly recommended that you rebuild the indexes on the Application Database periodically. You can do this either on demand or set up a scheduled task for this using SQL Server Management Studio.

2. Setting up a Rebuild Index Task

You can use the Maintenance Plan Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio to set up a scheduled task for rebuilding indexes.

For example, launch SQL Server Management Studio.

Expand your SQL Server instance and the Management folder. Right-click on Maintenance Plans and select Maintenance Plan Wizard.

Launch the Maintenance Plan Wizard
Launch the Maintenance Plan Wizard

In the Select Plan Properties step you can choose to schedule the task periodically, or leave the schedule as On Demand by default.

Set up a periodic schedule
Set up a periodic schedule

In the Select Maintenance Tasks step, select the the Rebuild Index option.

Rebuild Index task
Rebuild Index task

The remaining steps allow you choose the databases for the index rebuild. Make sure your DBI Application Database is selected. It is named Dundas BI Instance1 by default.

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