List of issues fixed in version 2.5


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality introduced with each release of Dundas BI.

Version 2.5.1 Revision 4

Issues fixed

53337 Defect Can't get a logon token via REST API using Windows credentials.

Version 2.5.1 Revision 3

Issues fixed

52449 Defect SetCustomAttributes method doesn't use the id parameter sent to it and sets custom attributes on wrong session.
52515 Defect Error occurs when running health check due to unexpected column type.

Version 2.5.1 Revision 2

New functionality

50272 Feature Default time dimension in a new installation of Dundas BI now has end date set to 'End of current year' token and start date set to 8 years before current year. 
51180 Feature Added a healthCheck option to dt.exe utility to delete unused Warehouse storage tables.

Issues fixed

51151 Defect Script errors in a data cube should not overload the log.
51191 Defect Log entry should point to object or data cube generating the error.
51389 Defect New Calculated Element invalidates the existing Data Conversion transform.
52027 Defect Rounding of numbers occurs when using Calculated Element transform with warehousing.
52290 Defect Data visualizations stop working in Chrome version 48.


Defect Old warehouse tables are not deleted, resulting in too many orphaned tables.

Version 2.5.1 Revision 1

Release notes

Important notes about changes in functionality or behavior with this release.

52009 When adding a calendar/date range filter which is connected to a time hierarchy, the date range is now inclusive of the end of the upper range value. For example, if the ‘From’ value is Dec. 1, 2015, and the ‘To’ value is Dec. 1, 2015, then all of the data that falls between 12:00 am on Dec. 1, 2015 until 11:59:59.999... pm is displayed. There is no need to set the 'To' value to Dec. 2, 2015 to see data for Dec. 1.

Issues fixed

51395 Defect Transaction was deadlocked on lock resources error occurs when viewing a dashboard.
51520 Defect Publishing a dashboard to a different project publishes multiple dashboards.
51793 Defect Error occurs when trying to discover tables using ODBC provider and the Advantage StreamlineSQL ODBC driver.
51998 Defect Error occurs when trying to import an export file.

Version 2.5.1

New functionality

44155 Feature Automatically adjust the row height of data labels in a report or scorecard.
50478 Feature Search for files in Explore window or File Explorer based on tags.
50776 Feature Sorting menu is now available for data bar columns in a table visualization.
51167 Feature New REST/JS API call for clearing the data results cache and other types of caches.
51300 Feature Add a note to a dashboard that is embedded within another dashboard.
51303 Feature Hide the Invert Selection option in a filter's token menu.

Issues fixed

49636 Defect Usability issue with selecting a table column and editing its column width from Properties.
50422 Defect Legend tooltip stops working after dashboard is closed or checked in.
50462 Defect Wrong characters appear in formula bar when typing certain characters using French (France) keyboard.
50544 Defect Data cube using in-memory storage queries data source after period over period is added.
50556 Defect Set browser autocomplete to off for Log on page.
50560 Defect Only redirect to local pages when using ReturnUrl in Log on page.
50583 Defect Notes (annotations) are not filtered by slicer-based parameters.
50682 Defect Unable to select horizontal connection line in Data Cube Designer using Safari browser.
50747 Defect Calendar Range filter does not work anymore after drilling up on chart.
50757 Defect Dynamic hierarchy does not work with pie charts.
50783 Defect Data auto refresh does not work when using Raw data retrieval format.
50827 Defect Bridge parameter dialog shows incorrect value type when using date range.
50865 Defect Error occurs when adding a filter to canvas which has empty view container.
50869 Defect Unable to use certain comparison operators with date range tokens.
50911 Defect Can't expand in-memory cube hierarchy members if the filter is set to lower level members.
50938 Defect View container moves after trying to resize it within a template grid cell.
51005 Defect Token values disappear from filter when the token menu is hidden.
51028 Defect Error occurs when trying to add Maximum as a supported aggregator for data cube.
51079 Defect Selection of table row is not preserved after it is scrolled out of view.
51157 Defect Extra objects are being exported unnecessarily when using admin Import / Export.
51163 Defect Disabling auto-save for views also disables it in Metric Set Designer.
51197 Defect Set Up Parameter Mappings dialog does not have a scrolbar when there are a lot of mappings.
51203 Defect Violation of primary key constraint error occurs when importing DBIE file.
51228 Defect Exception occurs when using date filter with date mapped hierarchy using SAP BW data.
51248 Defect Lower half of table row header cell is not showing in IE 11.
51294 Defect Member range filter with fiscal time dimension is not updating properly.
51309 Defect Legend item marker is incorrect when changing parameters in some situations.
51412 Defect Export temp files are not being deleted after exporting.
51575 Defect Tenant data connector override does not work with OLAP data.

Version 2.5 Revision 3

Issues fixed

50296 Defect Context menu sorting with totals turned off can only sort within the last hierarchy.
50796 Defect Sorting table in View mode doesn't sort and returns a System.AggregateException.
50850 Defect 'Cannot insert the value NULL' error occurs when adding a note.
50855 Defect XML for Analysis provider error occurs when viewing a SAP BW cube.
50871 Defect Error occurs when using metric set top/bottom with dynamic measure.

Version 2.5 Revision 2

Issues fixed

50372 Defect 'Index was out of range' error occurs when logging on under a Windows Group.
50517 Defect File Properties Security does not save added group.
50697 Defect 'Cannot load data cube in memory' error occurs with a web farm setup.

Version 2.5 Revision 1

Issues fixed

47920 Defect Custom tenant provider extension does not load.
50742 Defect Data cube fails to build warehouse cache with System.OverflowException thrown.

Version 2.5

Release notes

Important notes about changes in functionality or behavior with this release.

N/A SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported as a database server (for the App and Warehouse DBs).
47099, 49652 Gauge labels for numbers ending with at least three zeros will now include thousands separators where they didn’t before, which makes them slightly longer.
48381 The Project Administrators group does not exist anymore. Instead, anyone with the Full Control privilege on a project now has the ability to administer the project. Project administrators in older versions of DBI will be given this privilege automatically when the instance is upgraded.
48712 The Deployment application now has an option to remove the Dundas BI SharePoint Web Part.
49031 Any chart or data bar, gauge, state indicator, ellipse, rectangle or line component that had a height less than 10 pixels may now be positioned slightly differently (but correctly).
50243 Changes to APIs for getting accounts and groups: Existing methods GetAccount, GetAccounts, QueryAccounts, and their group equivalents are now restricted to users with administrative privileges. Non-admin users can call new methods GetAccountInfo, GetAccountInfos, QueryAccountInfos, and their group equivalents instead.
50618 The Account Service REST API call GetAccountByName (API/Account/Name/) has been changed from a GET to a POST in V2.5. Client code will need to be updated accordingly. Below is sample code that works with the POST method. 

Sample code for REST API change

    string accountUri = "" + adminSessionId;

    string dataString = "\"" + accountName + "\"";

    using (WebClient client = new WebClient())
        client.Headers.Add("Content-Type", "application/json; charset=UTF-8");

        // This does a POST.
        string accountJson = client.UploadString(accountUri, dataString);

Issues fixed

41243 Defect Using animation trends with curved area charts leaves small artifacts on the chart.
43203 Defect Extra vertical and horizontal lines for table when exported to PDF.
44293 Defect Unable to delete newly created folders in File Explorer.
45025 Defect Inconsistent font properties for state indicator and legend.
46719 Defect Email notification includes attachment even when Attachments checkbox is unchecked.
47493 Defect Report designer does not update level range of a grouping hierarchy on the adapters.
48099 Defect Table visualization bottom left cell appears cut off.
48190 Defect Map symbols, labels, and annotations are out of position while zooming the map.
48263 Defect Export of project should skip entities that fail to load and export the rest.
48266 Defect Dashboard does not scale to fit the page when exporting to PDF and using scale resize mode.
48278 Defect Last member in table visualization is rendered incorrectly.
48401 Defect  An extra binding is generated when adding a binding by dragging from Explore.
48648 Defect User's project is not imported along with the account.
48667 Defect Publishing a dashboard from a folder publishes all the dashboards under the folder.
48679 Defect Filter resets to 'none' when un-checking one of the two default filter members.
48784 Defect Error occurs when using the aggregate transform on an integer column.
48793 Defect Setting the interval count for minor tick marks in a gauge does not work.
48821 Defect No data is displayed for a table based on a metric set with many measures.
48823 Defect Integers are displayed with decimal places in the Data Preview tab of Data Cube Designer.
48885 Defect Rectangles on dashboard are mis-aligned after exporting to PDF.
48937 Defect Using Show Row Number option for a table results in data not being loaded in IE 10.
48996 Defect Adding a group header to a table results in a horizontal scroll bar even though there is enough space.
49003 Defect Integration error occurs when using IE in an iframe.
49021 Defect Searching for a member in a filter clears previous search selection.
49026 Defect Text in table headers is displayed with incorrect alignment.
49031 Defect Data bar in table disappears or is displayed out of bounds when height is small.
49046 Defect Color rule properties for maps/diagrams, table columns and treemaps should display the color next to range color rules.
49181 Defect Difficult to open token menus of filters in different layers in IE 10.
49194 Defect Tooltip on table cell does not appear when filter is set to Current Year.
49221 Defect Error occurs when referencing Dundas.BI.Core.dll in Visual Studio 2015.
49259 Defect Error occurs when exporting dashboards on sites using specific types of SSL.
49289 Defect Measure values change after changing the order of measures in the metric set when using in-memory storage.
49330 Defect Member filter has no members on top of pivoted columns.
49346 Defect Double dash style comments in manual query results in syntax error.
49438 Defect Missing data rules are returning the wrong data values.
49466 Defect Manual query placeholder doesn't work with ODBC provider.
49467 Defect Error occurs when using non-SUM aggregator with period over period.
49469 Defect Floating point accuracy issue with chart axis labels on Mac and iOS.
49493 Defect Stacked charts with axes that share scales do not include all stacked value ranges.
49564 Defect Provide a more informative error message when unable to load a metric set.
49588 Defect Embedding dashboards causes a flicker while loading.
49700 Defect Unable to customize data bar for a table column.
49711 Defect Only the Single value option should be available for stored procedure transform parameters.
49733 Defect Chart data point labels are not showing after drill down.
49754 Defect Legend checkboxes become checked on hover over.
49772 Defect When formatting week level for Gregorian time dimension, Jan 01 is displayed for all weeks.
49793 Defect Table header for last column does not wrap when using Auto Fit Columns to Fill.
49873 Defect Keystrokes in formula bar are not recognized as the correct keys.
49891 Defect Zoom in and out on a stacked bar chart with animation does not work as expected.
49917 Defect Zoom text box does not apply change when pressing ENTER using IE.
50032 Defect Error occurs when dragging stored procedure to data cube designer canvas.
50077 Defect OLAP cell security issue.
50157 Defect Percentage Sampling transform does not return all data when sampling percentage is set to 100%.
50325 Defect Hiding left axis on bar chart and drilling down causes formatting issues.

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