List of issues fixed in version 2.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.

Version 2.0.1 Revision 2

Behavior Changes

49028 Behavior Change The icon to delete cell height on a table column is removed. Cell height cannot be deleted, but can be set to 0.

Issues fixed

48728 Defect Customized data bar settings are lost and data bars disappear.
48889 Defect Data bars disappear in table visualization.
48899 Defect Cell Style properties not accessible after a check-out of a metric set.
48967 Defect Error occurs when using PostgreSQL as a data source.
48976 Defect In-memory cache failed after upgrade to
48977 Defect DBI keeps showing "working on it.." when switching from View mode to Edit mode with several clicks on the dashboard.

Version 2.0.1 Revision 1

Issues fixed

47507 Defect Cross domain authentication issue.
47861 Defect Error occurs when trying to delete logs.
48800 Defect In-memory cube includes null measure values in average.
48841 Defect Error occurs when deleting temp files if any of them are referenced.
48848 Defect Displaying DBI home screen may take a long time on the first load if there are many objects in the application.
48865 Defect Deployment renaming service causes crash on details screen. Deletion of the service will cause the same thing.

Version 2.0.1

Behavior Changes

48089 Behavior Change In-Memory and Warehouse caching are no longer logged at the "Information" level by default. They are now logged under "Job Service".

New functionality

N/A Feature Usage Tracking dashboard sample added to Deployment app.
44486 Feature Ability to show context menu in view containers.
46381 Feature Update styling of some filter controls for consistency.
47828 Feature Update table column page size when the width or visible property of a column is changed.
47832 Feature Hover over and select font color properties added to table visualization.
47967 Feature Reuse the cache for discovered columns when dragging and dropping columns onto the dashboard canvas during the same session.
48083 Feature Records per Page option added to OData data connector to allow specifying number of rows to fetch at a time.
48100 Feature Member filter tooltip for a hierarchy member now shows the level of the member.
48172 Feature Added REST/JS API method to change the account password.
48206 Feature Disconnect option lets you delete just the connection link between transforms in the data cube designer.

Issues fixed

41084 Defect Table names are not displayed when configuring Join or Lookup transforms.
46334 Defect Data visualization placed in scorecard disappears after resizing.
47100 Defect Filter and other panels remain open after switching to fullscreen.
47441 Defect Level does not change when users drill down on a map data visualization.
47482 Defect Level customizations in a table visualization do not work when expanding a member down to another level.
47865 Defect It is possible to set the metric set name / friendly name and metric set element caption to empty text.
47893 Defect OData v4 data connection fails.
47913 Defect Error occurs when trying to save a manual query.
47916 Defect OData data connection returns remote server error: (404) Not Found.
47921 Defect ODBC data connection is slow.
47984 Defect Labels should not be displayed at zero for non-zero bars.
48069 Defect A gap remains in the stacked bar chart after showing or hiding series by using legend checkbox.
48095 Defect Hierarchy sorting with ascending order does not work.
48105 Defect Windows authentication login returns Active Directory Bind error.
48115 Defect Manual Select transform missing option to set the command timeout.
48117 Defect Member filter connected to bridge parameter does not expand and throws JS error.
48128 Defect Table column headers don't line up when table is missing data.
48146 Defect Performance issue when scrolling a table containing data bar columns.
48147 Defect Right to left text becomes unsorted when used on chart axis labels with word wrapping.
48155 Defect Bullet graph and linear gauge bar pointer stroke is not proportional.
48185 Defect Controls are loaded even though data auto loading is disabled.
48195 Defect Background color of checkbox filter should not be grey.
48199 Defect Parameter name null error occurs when dragging stored procedure to data cube designer.
48211 Defect Bar chart is not displaying data point labels in some cases where they are close together.
48225 Defect Added more error handling for case where export installation fails on existing instance.
48242 Defect Integer division in formula scripts should convert integers to double first.
48250 Defect Can't list notifications if any of the recipient accounts were deleted.
48284 Defect Multi-value custom attribute does not appear in Define Transform Parameter dialog.
48319 Defect Specified aggregator is not supported error occurs when using average aggregator on Process Result column.
48344 Defect Data visualizations are not visible after unhiding layer using script.
48503 Defect Open Range Boundary for measure boundaries are not saved.

Version 2.0 Revision 1

Issues fixed

47796 Defect Hiding a table column causes next data bar column to display all bars the same length.
47838 Defect Page is re-loaded on invalidate when there are fewer rows than the page size.
47843 Defect Lines aren't drawn on chart for values along only one axis.
47864 Defect Creating a second select expression in the SQL Select transform overwrites the first expression.
47869 Defect Report no longer shows any data after upgrade to V2.
47909 Defect Publishing a dashboard from My Project project results in NotFoundException error.
47941 Defect MDX generated is not correct/efficient.
47966 Defect Numeric formatting on measures is not persisted.
47983 Defect Deselecting one checkbox when all are selected in a group results in all checkboxes outside of group being selected.
47989 Defect Filter using current year token is not returning month of December.
48022 Defect Unable to use new column added to Excel file in metric set.
48042 Defect Filtering SSAS data with a period-to-date calculation throws an error.
48060 Defect Error occurs when using date mapping in V2.
48070 Defect Defining custom hierarchy sorting with bottom override does not work.

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