List of changes in version 5.0


This article provides a list of the issues fixed and new functionality added in Dundas BI.


Behavior changes

N/A Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is no longer supported. The lowest supported version of Microsoft SQL Server is now 2012; however, we recommend using version 2014 or higher. 
This change affects only the application and warehouse databases. You can still use Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 as a data source.
41221 Notification recipients can now unsubscribe directly from the received email.
44709 Assigning a hierarchy to Color on the Data Analysis Panel's Visualization tab now automatically creates discrete color rules for each value (up to 40 values).
56618 Exporting to Excel now includes the state indicator column as colored cells and converts data bar columns to numbers rather than exclude them. 
57084 The administration window Tokens is now located under Setup instead of Account Services.
58570 New and duplicate projects now default to a private state. To give the Everyone group read access to the project, change the Initial Project Privileges to Public while in the Create a New Project panel.
59168 Your Dundas BI license can now indicate an instance-wide core count, which will be shared between all servers.
59286 Chart axes now include values in their range that have yet to be loaded in the scorecard.
59549 Calculated measures now default to the SUM aggregator.
61612 You can now use a Dundas BI license with a limited number of cores even when there are more cores present. Dundas BI will use only the allocated number of cores instead of rejecting the license altogether. 
61830 Tables exported to Excel now include Row groupings to collapse or expand the different hierarchy levels.
62164 Changing the warehouse connection string or password configuration settings will now run an automated check to validate the new connection.
65516 In-line popups are no longer limited to 500px in size. Popups are now limited only by the user interface at 2048px.
65683 Bridge parameters no longer exclude the Token.All value. This change may affect existing bridge parameter scripts, which should be adjusted to handle Token.All.
66818 Verbose log message are no longer output to the screen when running the dt command line tool. Only messages with a severity of Warning or greater will be output.
66837 Enabling Single Selection Mode for a Checkbox List filter changes the look to a radio list.
67305 Disabled accounts are now hidden from the list of accounts. To see them, select the Show Disabled Accounts option.
67318 The IShortLinkService interface has been moved from the Dundas.BI namespace into Dundas.BI.Services.
67795 Notifications with Preserve current parameter value enabled now update the saved parameter values every time the Notification Content dialog is opened.
67983 Dropping data onto the body of a report/scorecard now adds that data to the group metric set and creates a header-body control pair instead of creating a new metric set.
68798 Standard users can now create scorecards and reports using pre-made metric sets.
69100 Formula visualizations now accept hierarchies from different data cubes. You can prevent this behavior by enabling the option to Enforce Hierarchy Cube Check.

New functionality

32030 Connect to IBM DB2 Database.
36587 Performance improvement for stand-alone data cubes.
40081 Change the top level of the hierarchy from the context menu. This feature also includes an overall improvement to the sorting of data in a data visualization. 
40422 Disable application privileges at the view or adapter level.
42238 Set the minimum and maximum zoom levels for a map.
42301 Show all bullet graphs in a table with the same scale.
42864 Incrementally update data cubes.
  • Filter, disable, or use a different parameter for data brushing
  • Click to select data in a chart
  • New Selected Data Changed action on data visualizations
  • Clear the filtering in a filter interaction by clicking on empty parts of the visualization
45874 New Scroll action on table data visualizations.
45987 Re-use metric sets in a report/scorecard.
45999 Set the top and bottom padding for column headers.
46243 Specify the culture of an Excel data connector, which will be used for string conversions. 
47062 View data statistics in the data cube designer.
47739 Set up states without a measure in the metric set.
47919/54288 Aggregate data points into a single Other row. This feature also introduces the ability to exclude tied records from the top / bottom measure.
48244 Specify the command timeout in Manual MDX transforms.
48463 Change multiple layers with one interaction.
49080 Show geographical data from third party map providers.
49299 Optimize the Copy Element transform.
49555 Insert keywords into text properties using a menu.
49872 Set up one-click sorting in a table.
49887 Use dynamic elements for the repeater in reports and scorecards.
51350 Show a thumbnail of the last check in on the dashboard/report/scorecard navigation tile.
54938 Set up data driven notifications for an entire column.
54950 Create In Statements in Select transforms.
52239 Set up dependencies between filters.
53064 Share the axis of a databar column with a chart.
53590 Rotate column headers in a table.
55700 Limit the number of concurrent export requests.
55978 Tenant import warning if it may result in over-allocation of user licenses.
57253 Enable the highlighting of related links and nodes in a relationship diagram.
57689 Hide a measure or hierarchy from the data export.
58108 Create custom member group during analysis.
58446 New home screen for finding and viewing content.
58734 Generate a Period over Period (PoP) based on a time dimension used as a Slicer.
58972 Mark a tile in the tile navigation as selected.
59064 Exclude tied records from the Top/Bottom measure.
59312 Landing page for system administrators.
59402 Delete old entity data using the dt command line tool. 
59454 Versioning of override files.
59576 Specify the coordinate system in your map with a PRJ file.
60059 Use tokens when setting up states.
60157 Define font settings for the entire dashboard or template.
60210 Set up a server farm using the Dundas BI deployment application.
60469 Display images on nodes of a relationship diagram.
60571 Manage application privileges in a more flexible manner.
60635 Change the spacing between template cells.
60843 Apply an output element filter on a manual select transform.
61045 Connect to databases using a JDBC data connector.
61082 Use PostgreSQL instead of SQL Server to run Dundas BI.
61530 Apply the license by uploading it as a file.
61807 Detach the template from a dashboard.
61975 Change the maximum length of a Data Input transform string column.
62004 Improved import and export completion reports.
62138 Open a copy of the metric set for analysis.
62218 Display state indicator symbols in the legend.
62656 Access the Sort and Filter menu from column headers when not showing redundant column headers.
62657 Show the account name in the log details.
62682 Display a prominent indicator on the column when filtered.
62845 Track logon history from the administration interface.
60635 Change the spacing between template cells.
63108 Exclude or keep only selected data points.
63109/67743 Perform forecasting using an exponential smoothing formula and formula visualization.
63136 Show options for additional logon providers on the logon page.
63198 Use API to select table rows, columns, and cells.
63212 Option to not preserve current parameter values for Excel notifications.
63216 Change the target for hyperlink columns.
63240 Move controls in the body area of a report/scorecard by moving the associated header control.
63256/67185 Download generated export files from the user profile. 
63257 Schedule notifications (alerts) based on data corrections.
63539 Cancel file export from the user profile.
63644 Help links for configuration settings.
63647 View, edit, and delete unused entities in a project.
63806 Re-wire to a data connector.
63809 Whitelist email address domains for notifications.
63914 The admin section shows a warning when the scheduler is not running.
64097 Clear the input fields and refresh multiple visualizations with the Data Input interaction.
64108 Export single indented column as a single column in Excel.
64165 View the full name of the hierarchy used to promote a hierarchy in the data cube.
64271 Sort jobs by the last run time.
64358 Enable/disable and run notifications from the user profile.
64360 Performance improvement to map visualizations.
64459 Set the export timeout value for individual dashboards and reports.
64492 Generate and analyze data using Python.
64505 Express Dundas BI deployment that includes a PostgreSQL installation.
64564 Hide select export options from the Share menu. 
64698 Cleaner export to Excel when using multiple hierarchies.
64772 When using multiple metric set in a data visualization, change the metric set in the Data Analysis Panel to change the data being previewed.
65012 Create a Chord diagram.
65082 Identify verbose logging using a health check.
65180 Prevent users from overriding the default view set by an admin.
65199 View the name of the server being used.
65254 Disable log on history tracking for specific accounts.
65438 Display data point information as the mouse moves over the line chart.
65468 Exclude annotations and corrections from the metric set.
65767 New event when the toolbar updates.
65986 Use currentSession in formulas.
66017 Display axes in the table headers for bullet graphs and databars.
66097 Update uploaded files.
66401 Change the vertical text alignment in headers and cells.
66458 Display point and bubble chart data as hollow points.
66467 Initial offset of new measure bars in Pie Gauges.
66539 Pass collection values to a manual SQL placeholder.
66550 Pass the current session locale identifier to the SSAS data connector.
66595 Change the session culture using the API.
66844 Unit picker for Gauge properties that support both pixels and percent.
66876 Indicate higher level links for explicit hierarchies.
67009 Sort the Active Sessions list.
67073 Select multiple rows in a table using the Ctrl key.
67098 Slightly adjusting the angle of a linear gradient around 90 and 270 degrees drastically changes the angle appearance.
69711 Improved options for excluding tiesd record when indicating a Top / Bottom Measure on a metric set.
67273 Show heat maps on the map data visualization.
67625 Specify the batch size to use for SQL bulk insert operations.
67646 Perform K-Means clustering using a formula.
67708 Limit the wrapping of axis titles.
67786 Show the token caption in the filter control.
67924 Updated user interface for multi-tenancy.
67982 Improved experience for linking view parameters to groups.
67988 Use the Data Preview panel for groups in a report/scorecard.
68039 Indicate whether multiple data conditions on a notification have an OR or an AND relation.
68760 Use standard SQL for Google BigQuery.
68791 Use the main menu to search the whole Dundas BI application for an ID.
68798 Create reports and scorecards using a standard user account using pre-made metric sets.

Open user notifications for editing from the administration menu.

Fixed issues

51454 Insufficient error message when the in-memory data cube hasn't finished building yet.
52453 Resizing a table send a query to the server.
55019 Changing the tile size does not expand the tile icon and text space.
60537 Frozen grand totals do not return a value when there is a time dimension in the Columns field. 
61378 Navigation with parameters does not work on templates with UTF-8 characters.
61756 Use a missing data rule on a report metric set generates an error.
61979 Selecting a control after hiding another control does not update the Properties panel.
62521 Copying and pasting dashboard object between tabs should be prevented.
63057 Adding a watermark changes the PDF paging during export.
63880 Rotated label text is wrapped only based on the label width.
64628 Exporting a table without totals includes only the last level of the hierarchy.
64741 Adapter names that match reserved JavaScript keywords cause an error when executing a script.
65062 Date formats differ between the dashboard and the data preview.
65206 Splitting a template cell moves it outside the view.
65358 Missing Data Output set to Empty is treated as zero for states.
65683 Using the All token does not execute bridge parameter scripts.
65898 Creating an annotation on a subcanvas with a cube parameter causes it to be unviewable.
65899 Using a parameter update button connected to multiple filters for a single visualization generates multiple data requests.
65967 Unable to change the caption of a custom token.
66092 Re-using a data cube with a stored procedure in another data cube does not execute queries for range date filters.
66240 Using a range date script token with a bridge parameter produces an incorrect lower boundary value.
66288 Including negative values in a 100% stacked chart displays unrounded axis labels.
66460 Including null values in the measure prevents custom totals from working.
66724 Promoting an Excel hierarchy generates an error.
66728 Using tokens in a filter does not update the formula visualization. 
66766 Scripts on the Re-visualized action do not appear in the Layers tab.
66843 Previewing data with a Vertica date column that does not accept time generates an error.
66864 Index Fragmentation health check is failing due to short timeout.
66866 Exporting a user account does not include the set active project.
66914 Subtotals do not use the custom total calculation when the Calculation Axis is set to Row.
67004 Right to left culture settings default to a confusing interface after installation.
67240 Seat usage screen show an over-usage of elastic hours.
67361 Exporting a table with and auto colors incorrectly applies state colors.
67618 Map symbols unable to handle null coordinates.
67729 Focus jumps between auto color rule properties.
67739 Targeting a range date filter with a filter interaction returns an extra data point.
67822 Checking in a dashboard in Dundas BI on Azure generates a data warehouse connection error.
67842 Custom hierarchy level sorting does not work on the dashboard.
67900 Connecting to QuickBooks using the ODBC data connector generates an error.
67939 Using a multi-forest configuration queries an incorrect forest to determine the configuration naming context.
67995 Exporting to Excel when the table is not showing totals does not show the grouping parent.
68091 Upgrading to Google Chrome 62.0.3202.75 introduces incorrect mouse events, which prevents dashboard mouse actions with date values.
68127 Executing scripts for a customized home screen when there is no user-saved home screen does not work.
68163 does not respect sizing attributes.
68201 Using the sorting transform on the data cube breaks metric sets.
68228 Bitdefender Total Security is flagging Dundas BI as a virus.
68247 Customizing Home is slow when there are many tiles.
68279 Data series should not accept non-integer custom side-by-side positions.
68343 Importing a part of the exported DBIE file does not work.
68454 Data labels with a distinct count aggregator return no data.
68505 Incorrect request body documentation for /API/Account/UpdateCustomAttributesForAccount.
68559 Check boxes require two clicks to select when using touch events.
68844 Users are unable to update the content type in their notifications.
68948 Inactive metric sets with deleted data cubes are included in the export but generate an error with the import.
69051 Exporting and then importing modifies the data type of custom attributes.
69060 New version of Google Chrome reports duplicate DOM IDs on the Admin window.
69223 Filter control checkboxes appear out of line when displaying null values replaced with empty strings.
69224 Unable to import a data connector with a large amount of structures.
69273 The performance tracking dashboard generates errors.
69321 Password reset is available when changing the password is not allowed.
69346 Manual MDX queries do not appear in the Query Audit logs.
69410 Some situations require the user to have Read access and not just Execute.
69440 Exporting to Excel with Include Parameter Values generates an error.
69441 Some administration dialogs are loading slowly.
69462 The calculation rule formula does not update until the Configure Metric Set dialog is closed.
69471 Export to Excel does not keep state-defined colors.
69484 Totals are not displayed for some levels of OLAP data.
69492 Refreshing the data does not recalculate the viewed page size.
69518 The hierarchy filter generates an error when working with OLAP data that has a null AllMemeber.
69525 Locking the sessions IP address causes export to fail.
69621 Searching in the filter control shows excluded results.
69674 Radial gauge ranges do not reverse with their scale.
69693 Moving the mouse around a line chart with a large amount of points may cause Google Chrome to crash.

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