Dundas BI - Release Notes


1. Overview

The Release Notes for Dundas BI contains all of the details about the latest version, a complete release history, and the list of known issues.

2. Dundas BI Features

3. Dundas BI Resources

4. Release History

3.0.3 Retail Released on January 25, 2017 List of changes
3.0.2 Revision 1 Retail Released on November 29, 2016 List of changes
3.0.2 Retail Released on November 01, 2016 List of changes
3.0.1 Revision 4 Retail Released on October 06, 2016 List of changes
3.0.1 Revision 1 Retail Released on September 14, 2016 List of changes
3.0.1 Retail Released on August 25, 2016. List of changes
3.0.0 Retail Released on July 27, 2016. List of changes

5. Known Issues

The following are known issues in the latest release.

N/A user interface If your web browser has a plugin installed that adds a toolbar or occupies a portion of the browser real estate, this will affect the coordinate system of Dundas BI, resulting in various UI issues.
39288 dashboard designer, filters Changes made in the Filter Visualizations dialog may not be saved after closing Internet Explorer.
41499 logon If you have multiple instances of Dundas BI running on the same server, and the paths to these instances differ only by the port number, users will be logged out automatically when they navigate from one instance to another instance and log on. Returning to the previous instance requires the user to log on again.
42075 dashboard designer, drag-and-drop Drag-and-drop files onto the dashboard canvas does not work in certain situations in Windows 8.
50521 data connectors, SSAS Executing certain valid MDX in SSAS 2012 fails with Internal error: An unexpected error occurred (file 'mdmisc.cpp', line 945, function 'MDBulkSetScaIter::Start'). Try installing SQL Server 2012 SP2 to fix this issue.
50600 dashboard designer, drop down list When viewing a scaled dashboard in Firefox and clicking a drop down list, the drop down menu may be incorrectly positioned. This is due to a Firefox bug.
51116 dashboard designer, editing label text When double-clicking on a label component to edit its text, a Webpage Error (JS error) may occur in Internet Explorer. This happens under very specific circumstances but does not interfere with the work flow. Simply click elsewhere and click on the label again.
60230 dashboard designer, editing image source When selecting or editing an image Source property containing a very long string, Google Chrome may freeze. This is a known issue with the Google Chrome browser and is being investigated by the Chromium team. To avoid the situation, upload the image into Dundas BI.
60812 export to PDF The PDF export provider truncates content when the width of the page is less than 65% of the width of the view. 

6. Upgrade Notes

General notes to help with upgrading from earlier versions of Dundas BI.

50791 reports and scorecards After upgrading to Dundas BI 2.5 or later, when you try to open an existing report or scorecard in the designer, you may see a message 'This report was created in an earlier version of Dundas BI and needs to be upgraded. Contact the System Administrator to resolve this'. As an administrator, run a health check  to resolve this. The health check will try to detect warnings and errors related to reports and scorecards and fix errors where possible. Reports and scorecards that cannot be upgraded are listed as warnings (in yellow) by the health check. For example, a possible reason for this could be that one of the dependent data connectors cannot connect to its data source and thus you will need to investigate or resolve this first.
57023 standard export provider

When upgrading to a new standard export provider, the old standard export provider is not deleted causing the new one not to load. Workaround is to:

  1. Delete the files below from the folder "...\App_Data\Extensions\Dundas.StdExport\bin":
    • Dundas.BI.Export.StandardExportProviders.dll
    • phantomjs.exe
    • rasterize.js
  2. Restart IIS

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