Totals (SUM)


The Sum function calculates the total sum for any number of input value series.

1. Syntax


2. Input

The Sum function requires the following input:

3. Parameters

The Sum function has no parameters.

4. Adding the Formula

Add the formula
Add the formula

5. Change the Chart Type (Optional)

For example, changing the chart type of the series derived from the formula from a Bar Chart to a Line Chart.

  1. Click the series, right click, and select Re-visualize.


  2. Select the new chart type.

    Choose the Chart type
    Choose the Chart type

6. Output

The Sum function generates the following output:

  • Total - A single value representing the total sum of the input values.
    Sum: Output
    Sum: Output
  • To display the output in a separate control, e.g. Data Label, you can use the Formula Visualization control. Check the link at the bottom of this page.

7. See also

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