Health Check


1. Overview

Using the Health Check UI, users will be able to run health checks from the Admin Section, and when available, fix the issues found.

Note that only administrators have access to this functionality.

Health Check
Health Check

2. Health check options

Run all health checks

Run all health checks
Run all health checks

 Run selected health checks

Run selected health checks.
Run selected health checks.

3. Fixing Issues

After running the health check, view the result and click on the "details" icon to get more information:

Health Check Result
Health Check Result

The details screen will give you more information on the error/issue:

Details of the issue
Details of the issue

To fix the error/issue, click the "Fix error(s)" icon:

Fix the error(s)
Fix the error(s)

4. List of available health checks

DBI0010 Check Application DB Connectivity Ensures that the application can connect to the Application Database.
DBI0011 Check Warehouse DB Connectivity Ensures that the application can connect to the Warehouse Database.
DBI0020 Check App DB Settings Ensures that various settings related to the application database are correct.
DBI0021 Check Warehouse DB Settings Ensures that various settings related to the warehouse database are correct.
DBI0100 Check for ADSI Hotfix 2683913 Ensures that the hotfix for Microsoft KB 2683913 is installed, to prevent random exceptions from being thrown when calling active Directory functionality.
DBI0206 Invalid Child Count Finds the system entries with invalid values in the ChildCount column.
DBI0210 Invalid Check-Out References Finds references from checked-out entries where the corresponding entity is not actually checked-out.
DBI0211 Mark Inactive Entries Finds transient subentries which are no longer referenced by the latest revision of their parent entity, and marks them as inactive.
DBI0212 Detect Invalid Project IDs Finds entries whose project ID does not match the ID of the project under which the entry resides.
DBI0213 Invalid Checked-Out Entity Data Finds checked-out data for entities which are not actually checked-out.
DBI0214 Fix Invalid Inactive Entries Finds inactive subentries which should not be inactive.
DBI0215 Find Entities with Missing Data Locates entities which are missing their underlying data.
DBI0216 Invalid Subentry Revisions Finds subentries whose current revision doesn't match that of their corresponding primary entry.
DBI0217 Orphaned References Finds references from entity revisions which do not exist.
DBI0300 Orphaned Account Data Find (and optionally deletes) account-related data corresponding to accounts which no longer exist.
DBI1000 Check Reports And Scorecards For Upgrade** Ensures that reports and scorecards have been properly upgraded from version 1.
DBI2000 Detect Unused Warehouse Tables Finds warehouse tables that are not in use.
DBI2010 Detect Invalid Default Time Dimensions Finds projects whose specified default time dimension couldn't be found in the system.
DBI2015 Detect Transient and Inactive Native Structures Ensures that native structures (tables, views, etc.) are not marked as transient or inactive.

 ** indicates that the health check is omitted by default when using the "Run all health checks" option.

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