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Why Data Visualization Matters

Visualization lets us see things that would rather go unnoticed. In visualizations, we can see patterns that are not (quickly) obvious in the table. It's just one of the many reasons that data visualizations are important.

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The ABC's of Data Storage

With increasing spending and investment in IT comes increased scrutiny, and CIOs are having to demonstrate greater maturity and expertise in IT performance and financial management to reveal how IT money is being spent, the returns their organization are getting for their spending and investments, and how IT is contributing to overall enterprise performance.

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A Gamer's Guide to the Orbis Indicator

I am a gamer at heart. Video games, board games, card games, I love playing them all. Every successful game is a work of art. It is simultaneously complex and parsimonious. I feel the same can be said about dashboards.

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Dundas Dashboard V5 - CLOUD

Dundas Dashboard allows you to take all of your data in the cloud and present it visually. With a custom business dashboard you can ensure that regardless of where it’s stored, your data will be properly interpreted by all levels of your organization.

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