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The Perils of Big Data

Businesses are currently told that their data is one of the most important commodities, which means everyone now seems to be hoarding and capturing everything they can, just in case it is needed one day for that all-important report that will make the Executives millions of dollars. As a result, databases are growing at an extraordinary rate.

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Ben Shneiderman's Mondrianesque Data Art

Ben Shneiderman's series of algorithmically generated displays are currently hanged "on the walls in the University of Maryland Computer Science Instructional Center" his tactics and artist talents are explained here

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Dundas Dashboard V5 - HTML5

Dundas Data Visualization has taken advantage of HTML5 ever since version 4, but with Dundas Dashboard Version 5 we’ve taken care to fully utilize more of its functionality than ever.

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Moving Dashboards out of the 90’s PowerPoint Phase

Remember PowerPoint in the 90’s? The near seizure invoking presentations that people put together with slides and text flying in or dissolving from every angle? Huge 3D fonts with massive gradients and colors reminiscent of that time you “accidentally” ate the wrong thing at Woodstock?

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