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Dundas Dashboard V5 - BIG DATA

Dundas Dashboard allows you to take all of your data and present it visually. With a custom business dashboard you can ensure that regardless of its size, your data will be properly interpreted by all levels of your organization.

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Avoiding Subjective Objectives

By cornering your business needs and figuring out what is most important to you, you're able to solve specific objectives through intelligent business practices.

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Should You Have A Map in Your Dashboard?

Although maps are one of the most recognizable forms of data visualization, they take up a large amount of on-screen real estate that can be better used to display more relevant information. That’s not to say that maps serve no purpose in data visualization! If you’re a shipping company that wants to monitor all of the items that are currently being delivered, plotting that information on a map makes the most sense.

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Context is King - A Case Study

Big Data, Small data, excel data, dashboard data, ad hoc reports, analytics, and even notes on a napkin. All of these need that same important piece to make them relevant: Context.

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What Does Joining the Amazon Partner Network Mean for Dundas?

If you haven’t heard the news, Dundas has joined the Amazon Partner Network as a Standard Technology Partner! APN Technology Partners are commercial software and internet services companies that build solutions that run on, or are complementary to, Amazon Web Services. What...

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