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The Best of 2016

Resources we love, that you may have missed

It is officially 2017 and we’ve been thinking a lot about our favorite blogs, webinars and other valuable resources from the past year.  This isn’t a comprehensive list, but here are some resources you may have missed or that we think are worth reading.

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4 things you didn't know you could do in Dundas BI

We wanted to create a BI tool that was flexible enough to give you ultimate control over your BI experience.  This meant providing a personalized experience that allowed you to meet your most common and advanced use cases without having to rely on other tools for the job.  Dundas BI’s flexibility is present every step of the way with a rich set of options that allow you to get extra value out of the tool.  While Dundas BI offers smart default, out-of-the box functionality to help all users quickly work with their data, we wanted to show you some NEW and UNCONVENTIONAL yet SIMPLE ways that Dundas BI can analyze and present your data, and explain how this can help your business.  

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The BI Survey 16 from BARC - See How Dundas Ranks

The BI Survey 16 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive survey of Business Intelligence software users.  The BI Survey 16 examines BI product selection and usage among users in categories (KPIs) including business benefits, project success, business value, recommendation, customer satisfaction, customer experience, innovation and agility.


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Connecting to JSON Data in Dundas BI

The CData ODBC Drivers provide access to live data from more than 70 data sources from within Dundas BI without having to write any code. These data sources range across social media, web applications, BIG Data, email and other data categories including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube Analytics, Marketo, ServiceNow, Box, MongoDB, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange and the list goes on and on. With direct ODBC connectivity, the drivers solve the problems of analyzing stale data and having manual data collection processes, allowing you to create reports and dashboards that can be updated in real time.


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