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What a Multi-Tenant Solution Really Looks Like

Imagine a skyscraper, with the landlord having a master key.  Within this skyscraper, the landlord is able to build as many units as they please, to be occupied by their tenants – each with their own unique lock.  These tenants know only of their own unit, and are unaware of the other units, or what contents are stored within.  Externally, each unit may look the same, but within, a new light fixture, a shag carpet, an island with a built-in sink – you get the picture.  By now you’re likely wondering, “How does this relate to software”?

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Dundas BI Version 3.0 is Here!

At Dundas, our goal is to help businesses transform their data into actionable information so they can improve corporate performance.  Dundas BI Version 3.0now provides even more data analysis features and more options to better manipulate and prepare data. Version 3.0 is all about your visual data analytics experience. Our new release includes faster ways to explore your data, new smart visualizations to better explain it, more options to access and share it on any device and so much more.

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Business Art, or the Art of Business Intelligence?

Many Business Intelligence (BI) efforts fail to reach their potential and fail to deliver on their intended result.  It matters not how beautiful the visualizations are, or how much effort was required to extract the data, or even how accurate the numbers represented are.  In order to be successful, the key decision-makers need to focus first on ‘why’ the business is embarking on this project, and then on the business processes and behaviors of the users of the BI solution.  

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Dashboards vs. Reports: Which One Should You Go With?

Reporting… businesses live and die by it, employees live and die by it.  So why is there such confusion over reports and dashboards?  The term reporting has often been used to describe both reports and dashboards, with users commonly referring to simple tables placed within dashboards, as reports.  

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Find Your Big Data Strategy Here

Whether analytics is your thing or "data-driven strategy" sounds like a different language, this event has something for everyone. To meet the need for a collaborative, innovative, and dynamic forum, Big Data will hold its first edition tech conference and exhibition at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, on June 14th and 15th.

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