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Find Your Big Data Strategy Here

Whether analytics is your thing or "data-driven strategy" sounds like a different language, this event has something for everyone. To meet the need for a collaborative, innovative, and dynamic forum, Big Data will hold its first edition tech conference and exhibition at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, on June 14th and 15th.

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Collective Insight - It's not just about collaborative business intelligence

Collaborative business intelligence capabilities, such as the ability to share your finidings and insights with your colleagues, have played an important role within BI implementations in the past few years. The value of the ability to discuss findings on top of the data (vs. using other offline channels) and making sure all stakeholders have access to the insights is shortening the time to decision and ultimately action.

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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Prettiest BI Tool of All? Impressions from the Gartner BI Bake Off.

For the average BI and analytics platform buyer all tools look the same. We hear it almost every day. They all provide a list of data connectors covering most common sources, feature a bar and line chart with drill down capabilities, assure there is data security and promise ease of use so even a non-technical user can build the most complex data models and analysis. 

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3 Dashboard “Must Haves” to Make Sure People Use It

Dashboard adoption is still the biggest challenge there is when it comes to delivering a dashboard. It doesn’t matter how hard you worked to get your data, define your metrics and implement your dashboard, at the end of the day, if only a few people are using it, it’s not going to be very valuable. 

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Dundas BI Ranks Number 2 on the SelectHub BI Leaderboard

Out of 134 products, Dundas BI ranked number 2 on the BI Leaderboard with an overall score of 85 points. The top products were chosen based on their ability to meet the most important criteria identified by organizations seeking BI software.

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