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Salesforce Dashboards

Salesforce Dashboards

This dashboard tracks sales and marketing performance, using data from an actual Salesforce CRM installation. A sales screen shows information about the sales pipeline, key accounts, and competitors. Sales managers can look at contacted and un-contacted leads and assign them to individual sales reps. Information about leads, including geographic data and leads count, helps the team monitor marketing performance.

Salesforce Dashboard Sample

Dundas Data Visualization has studied the business challenges that face a majority of Salesforce users and has developed dashboards with those users in mind in order to help them unlock important business metrics that they need to see. If it’s stored in Salesforce, Dundas can visualize it. View our Dundas Salesforce Connector:

Dashboard Solutions

Dundas Connects

Our Salesforce data connector allows you to build powerful dashboards and visualizations that pull data from a variety of sources. This can provide valuable insights that Salesforce CRM alone is unable to provide.

  • Salesforce + Google Analytics shows how customers evolve from online prospects to leads to paying customers
  • Salesforce + Call Tracking Data to discover relationships between marketing / sales activities and inbound customer calls or outbound sales calls
  • Salesforce + Marketing Data to see which marketing campaigns and activities result in sales
  • Salesforce + Bug Tracking Data to see which feature requests or bugs have the highest potential sales impact

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Conversions by Online Campaign
  • Conversions by Social Media Platform
  • Marketing Cost per Lead
  • Support Costs by Customer
  • Open Issues by Customer
  • Feature Request Priority