OLAP Dashboards

OLAP Data Cubes Dashboards

Learn more about your business analytics and discover opportunities for change and growth by looking at a single page, easy to read dashboard. Dundas Data Visualization allows you to visually explore your data warehouse, regardless of its size. Based on specific dimensions, levels, or hierarchies, you can drill down to view important details quickly and easily. Customize your OLAP dashboard for all levels of your organization to ensure that all of your employees are viewing relevant information based on real-time data.

OLAP Data Cube Dashboard Sample

View our OLAP data Dashboard example to see how Dundas displays the information from your data warehouse in a simple, concise way. To understand the powerful capabilities that Dundas offers, try dropping metrics and dimensions onto the grid or chart in the Analysis tab.

Dundas In Action

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Dashboard Solutions

Dundas Connects

Dundas provides a connection to various OLAP data sources, such as SQL Server Analysis Services (both Multidimensional and Tabular model), SAP NetWeaver BW, Oracle Hyperion Essbase, and Microsoft PowerPivot. The connection can be easily configured to allow different security permissions for users, ensuring each user can only access the data he or she is allowed to see.

Dundas Creates

When connecting to analytical data sources, Dundas allows you to easily create both performance and analytical dashboards without writing any complex query, as the queries will simply be generated for you. Developers can also create new metrics that rely on existing data sources without any data structural change, and can even inject custom MDX statements.

Dundas Display

Analytical dashboards allow users to easily perform ad-hoc analysis and discover new trends. You can use a set of predefined reports, or create new ones. You can also save reports for future use and share with other people in your organization. Specifically, for SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), you can also leverage KPIs and actions that are already defined in your SSAS model.

Performance dashboards allow you to view your data using advanced data visualization controls. The dashboard can be created with more than one data source including your OLAP Cubes/Tabular Data. Dundas Dashboards allow you to mix up numerous data sources and create visualizations with them in the same dashboard, or even the same control.