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Transport Dashboard

Transportation & Logistics Dashboards

Imagine if you had an easy way to track and reduce waste, or improve customer relationships by monitoring how well you deliver on your promises. If you could reduce warehousing costs and delays through better route analysis, wouldn’t your business benefit? Dundas takes away the guesswork with custom dashboard solutions that are geared to the transport and logistics industry.

Dashboard Solutions

Quality Management

Using a dashboard can help isolate problems in your shipping and billing systems. Look at how you serve customers by reviewing billing adjustments, total claims, turndowns, late pickups, and late deliveries. Drill down to see quality issues by location, reason, or employee. Spot an issue before it gets bigger.

Customer Service

Improve customer relationships by tracking service metrics down to the SKU, customer, and order number. Pull together metrics to correct problems before they result in lost business, such as Delivery in Full On Time (DIFOT), billing and shipping stats, call center metrics, SLA violations, and customer surveys.

Sales Compliance

Cut down on injuries and accidents by measuring safety inspections performed on vehicles and loading equipment, as well as safety training hours completed by staff. A dashboard can be used to monitor regulatory compliance data (such as driver hours) to reduce or eliminate penalties.

Route Analysis

Analyzing and optimizing shipping routes is a lot easier when you have the right tools. Dundas provides advanced analytics such as trends and relationships in asset utilization, delays, performance vs. market, shipping costs, route capacity, warehousing costs, capacity vs. demand, and more.

Executive Scorecards

Scorecards provide a consistent set of metrics that increase an organization’s awareness of financial, customer, HR, and environmental issues. Combine traditional scorecards with enterprise-level dashboard features to get the full picture and zero in on problems that might otherwise be missed.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Delivery in Full On Time
  • Asset & Capacity Utilization
  • Carrier Acceptance Rate
  • Late Pickups & Deliveries
  • Empty Miles
  • Claim Ratios
  • Time Since Last Inspection

Transportation Case Study

  • Case Study: SizweAfrica

    Dundas helps Sizwe to support supply chain design, planning and execution, while increasing enterprise visibility.
    Download Case Study PDF

  • Case Study: Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines works with Dundas to uncover inefficiencies in their operations.
    Download Case Study PDF

What customers
are saying

“The volume of what [managers] had to do dropped considerably. I would say it was a saving of two or three fold!”
- Southwest Airlines