Telecom Dashboard

Telecom Dashboards

The telecom industry is rapidly changing. As wireless devices become the norm, bandwidth needs increase and consumers want better service. Telecoms are looking for ways to increase revenue by meeting user needs. Success is about making the most of your existing customer base, gaining new subscribers while improving network performance, and reducing losses from fraud and signal theft. The ability to see key performance indicators and read trends can often be the difference maker for worldwide telecoms such as Verizon, who recently adopted a new Dundas visualization suite, or STC (Saudi Telecom Company), who saw a 55% decrease in service tickets the year they implemented Dundas visualization tools.

Telecom Dashboard Sample

This dashboard provides a high-level overview of corporate performance for CTT’s wireless division. SAC, ARPU and customer churn are broken down into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to show how executive strategy has influenced these numbers. High level fiscal results and subscriber breakdown are shown in a sidebar to help visualize overall performance.

Dundas In Action

CTT Wireless

Dashboard Solutions

Network Operations

Monitoring wireless network usage allows operators to plan hardware upgrades, meet SLAs and minimize dropped calls. Performance analysis of the radio network, core network and business layer can prevent revenue leakage from lost or corrupted CDRs.

Customer Satisfaction

Dashboards help visualize customer satisfaction metrics to make sure services are meeting customer expectations. If one of your retail stores is under-performing, or customers are suddenly experiencing a lot of dropped calls, a dashboard can help identify these problems so they can be resolved quickly.

Sales Forecasting

Sales and demand forecasting can provide realistic models of upcoming fiscal periods, which can help with risk analysis and the formation of executive strategy.

Fraud Analysis

Visual analysis of network traffic identifies unusual patterns to help track down and eliminate fraudulent activity.

Bandwidth Explosion

Wireless network providers need to adapt to rising usage by identifying patterns and investing wisely

Customer Retention

Reducing customer churn relies on offering a better customer experience at every point of contact


Improving overall efficiency helps raise ARPU and AMPU

Fraud Management

Identify and eliminate fraudulent activity from hacked phones, compromised networks and stolen signals

Technology Performance

Consistent uptime and network coverage is critical to meeting SLAs, reducing dropped calls and preventing lost revenue

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Subscriber Acquisition Cost
  • Average Revenue Per User
  • Customer Churn Rate
  • New Subscribers
  • Total Service Calls
  • Dropped Calls by Location
  • Corrupt CDRs by Location
  • New Contracts by Store
  • Phone Sales by Store

Telecom Case Study

  • Saudi Telecom Company

    Dundas allowed the Saudi Telecom Company to maintain its complex daily operations while cutting the total number of service tickets in half.
    Download Case Study PDF

  • Multiband Corporation

    Dashboards drive a cultural shift at Multiband Corporation.
    Download Case Study PDF

What customers
are saying

“The dashboards are able to very accurately predict who is needed, where they are needed, and how many are needed to get a particular task completed.”
- Mulitband Corporation