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Retail Dashboard

Retail Dashboards

Remaining competitive is both the lifeblood and the industry hot button for anyone in retail. As consumer spending fluctuates, retailers need to continually address market saturation and price wars, as well as ways to increase revenue, diversify into new markets and keep inventory costs under control. Retailers who use data to drive decisions run more efficient businesses and are more change-ready. That’s where Dundas comes in – our customized data visualization solutions offer metrics that boost merchandising and marketing efforts, increase customer satisfaction, reduce lost revenue and overstock, and help you better manage your retail operations.

Dashboard Sample: Retail Operations

This dashboard tracks store-level data for an independent grocer. Financial performance for each retail store is broken down to discover root causes – so a regional manager or VP can see exactly what problems (power outages) and successes (new parking lots) affected sales performance in the last fiscal year. Customer survey data and comments round out the picture to show why customers favour or dislike each store.

Dundas In Action

Green Bean Foods

Mobile Dashboard Sample: Chocolatier Operations

This dashboard tracks operations for a chocolate maker. Sales performance, social media metrics, sell through, and HR can all be accessed through this dashboard that has been enabled for viewing on mobile devices.

Dashboard Solutions

Store Operations

For a divisional or regional manager looking after one or many stores, it’s important to see sales and payroll data while off-site. Dashboards can send email alerts to mobile devices when targets haven’t been met at a store, accelerating the ability to make changes.

Brand Understanding

A brand designed and marketed to a particular customer segment can attract a completely unexpected type of customer. Having the ability to analyze customer opinion surveys and sales data tells you who’s buying your brands and can lead to the most effective marketing programs.

Internet Sales Data

When you can analyze your web traffic, you know how your marketing and online advertising is working for you. Dashboard views can track and help visualize the spending habits of your visitors through conversion rates, average basket size, shopping cart abandonment, coupon usage, and many other factors.

Inventory Management

An operational dashboard can monitor daily sales activity by product and store to help manage inventory levels so you don’t get into out-of-stock or overstock situations. The same data can help you forecast demand by presenting the impact of seasonal fluctuations, special promotions, brand popularity, customer demographics, and job-lot quantities.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Cost of Goods Sold
  • EBITDA/Sq. Feet
  • Inventory Shrinkage & Spoilage
  • Store & Website Traffic
  • Conversion Rate
  • Average Basket Size
  • Internet Sales Amount