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Non-Profit Dashboard

Non-Profit Dashboards

Today’s donors scrutinize how they spend their charitable donations more than ever before. To continually increase revenue, non-profits need to be transparent with reporting that shows how dollars are spent. We can help with cost-effective data visualization solutions that give you a one-time investment which continues to deliver results. Dundas creates customized dashboards that improve the management of internal programs so managers can see how the charity is performing. Interactive dashboards can be used to engage your donors through your website, with visuals showing exactly where their money is going.

Dashboard Solutions

Communication and Transparency

Web-based dashboards are an effective, inexpensive way to track and report key financial and performance metrics to a wide audience – helping to deliver fully transparent programs and finances.

Smarter Fundraising

Gain a better understanding of your donor audience by tracking their opinions, habits, and requirements. A dashboard that visualizes this information historically, and by category such as donor age, household income, location, education, job title and preferred program, can help identify new fundraising opportunities and create effective marketing campaigns.


An interactive dashboard can help management keep track of volunteer screening, training, preferred program, and available work hours. Managers can use this information to effectively schedule and maximize the role of volunteers in their organization.

Internal Reporting

Dashboards are a great way to improve internal reporting, particularly when tracking the performance of individual programs and new initiatives. Reporting dashboards show program managers and executives how programs are doing, personnel assignments and program spending, and help when reporting results to the board of directors.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Income by Donor
  • Income by Fundraising Program
  • Program Efficiency Ratio
  • Fundraising Efficiency Ratio
  • Total Volunteer Hours
  • Program Performance (e.g. # of Vaccinations)