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Mining Dashboard

Mining Dashboards

Mining organizations that adopt a data-driven decision model have an advantage. To satisfy government regulators, it’s important to show the financial benefits of opening a new operation against the environmental and social impacts. Dundas provides custom dashboard solutions that help you make the strongest case for your business and tighten up overall management. They allow organizations to transparently report environmental and health and safety metrics to public entities. A track record of environmental and safety compliance makes it easier to open new mines and secure private and public sector contracts.

Dashboard Solutions

Accident Prevention

Cut down on injuries and fatalities by measuring leading performance indicators such as completed safety inspections and training hours, and the percentage of safety changes performed on schedule.

Community Relations

Tracking key metrics that show a positive relationship with the community near a mining site can make it easier to earn a right to operate. A dashboard can track contributions to community events, percentage of workforce trained and hired locally, and meetings with interested community groups.

Environmental Emissions

Dashboards can measure environmental emissions – including noise, light, vibration, dust and water quality. Spotting trends early, and keeping an eye on leading indicators such as the number of quality inspections performed, helps mine operators take corrective action early.

Scheduling and Operations

Use the information you gather to build new scheduling techniques, such as dynamic execution planning and sense and respond capabilities. See how your plant can become more flexible, productive, and innovative.

Better Yields

A well-tuned set of operational dashboards can cut down on delays that affect overall yield. They help minimize equipment failures by tracking equipment health, service time and days since last inspection. They present overtime and training hours by employee and prevent hours from exceeding thresholds.

Cost Control

Collect and analyze waste data by rewarding employees for reporting wasted time and materials. Lower payroll costs by hiring locally and tracking the percentage of local vs. relocated workers and investments in local apprenticeship programs. Monitor daily and weekly payroll, consulting, maintenance, and materials expenditures to discover new operational efficiencies.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Safety Changes Performed On Schedule
  • % Workers Hired Locally
  • Community Complaints
  • Water Quality, Noise, Dust Levels
  • Days Since Equipment Inspection
  • Total Yield
  • Payroll & Administration Costs