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Hospitality Dashboard

Hospitality Dashboards

The Internet has changed the way hotels think about customer service. Online ratings, forums and travel blogs written by former guests now have a powerful influence on future business. What if you could track your ratings with a simple, easy to read dashboard? Or track your key performance metrics such as quality of service, guest satisfaction, timeliness of housekeeping, and loyalty rewards to improve customer retention? We provide the technology to visualize your data and improve the performance of your hotel and brand.

Dashboard Solutions

Attract Online Customers

More than 90% of internet users research online before booking a hotel, and almost as many make a decision to book based on what they read. A dashboard can be used to analyze information from online reviews, guest surveys, and comment cards to spot problems and discover trends in customer opinion. Accessing this data allows hotel managers to regularly make changes that improve online ratings and attract more customers.

Guest Loyalty Kiosk

Show your customers how much you value their loyalty with a kiosk. Make it easy for them to track rewards accumulated, cash points in for freebies, view a map showing locations they have stayed, and check the local weather forecast.

Performance Monitoring

A dashboard acts as a central location for securely accessing performance data from your PMS and e-reservation systems. Track occupancy, RevPAR, ADR and e-reservations from a tablet or smartphone. Email alerts can go to management when performance falls below expected targets.

Effective Brand Marketing

Use the data you get from a dashboard to analyze customer opinion, demographics, loyalty, and satisfaction metrics. Then turn this valuable insight into effective marketing campaigns that focus on customer needs and build your brand. Dashboards can connect to customer data in the PMS, as well as survey data, to provide deeper analysis not available through a single system.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Guest Satisfaction
  • Loyalty Rewards Earned & Used
  • Number of Negative Online Reviews
  • Average Online Rating
  • Average Online Rank
  • Top Web Referrals
  • Occupancy, RevPAR, ADR
  • e-Reservations