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Healthcare Dashboard

Healthcare Dashboards

Presenting health care metrics takes years of experience: that’s where Dundas can help. You’ll see how hospital operations can be streamlined to be more cost-effective to improve total operational effectiveness, cut down on unnecessary re-admissions, improve bed use, and track requirements for government funding.

Dashboard Solutions

Claims Analysis

Dashboards can help to visualize claims rejections by reason and payer, to identify sources of bad debt and eliminate errors in claims submission. The dashboard can incorporate claims data to help identify sources of profit and loss- breaking down per-patient revenue by DRG, department, or treating physician.

Quality of Care

Dashboards help administrators visualize how quality improvement initiatives actually impact quality of care. The result is knowing which programs are worth pursuing. Quality metrics such as wait time and patient satisfaction can be tracked to find bottlenecks in patient processing and improve care.

Targeted Marketing Efforts

Being able to see profitability by specific patient segments leads to measurable marketing data and more effective advertising. A dashboard can identify cost-effective marketing techniques, monitor campaign performance, and compare performance against goals.

Cost Avoidance

There are many avoidable costs, such as hospital-acquired conditions, avoidable readmissions, and underutilization of resources. Dashboards can track these events to drive process improvements.

Patient Profiles

Analyzing the epidemiology of the patient base can help with marketing activities and outreach programs. Demographic trends can influence long-term planning and infrastructure investments.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Claims Rejection by Reason
  • Per-Patient Revenue by DRG
  • Average Wait Time
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Avoidable Readmissions
  • Patient Transfers
  • Post-Care Support Visits
  • Equipment Utilization

Healthcare Case Study

  • Case Study: Sun Health Group

    Dashboards help put the focus on patient care and streamline operations across the organization.
    Download Case Study PDF

What customers
are saying

“From an operational perspective, the dashboards give all levels of our organization the information they want very quickly.”
- Sun Healthcare Group