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Government Dashboard

Government Dashboards

At Dundas, we deliver cost-effective data visualization solutions that provide you with results. Dundas Data Visualization provides various levels of government around the world with dedicated solutions and a delivery team that ensures your best interests come first and help you maintain transparency.

Government Dashboard Sample

This sample shows the results of the 2011 Canadian federal election, including the number of seats won and lost for each party, the popularity trend of each federal party throughout the election, and the political map of Canada (by federal riding) before and after the election. Hover over a riding to see a breakdown of votes for each candidate.

Dashboard Solutions

Controlling/Managing Budgets & Spending

Dashboards are an effective way of providing insight into your spending patterns. Understand where funds are being allocated and justify that spend by drilling into the information to vividly see results. Dashboards can also bring attention to areas that need improvement, or areas where budgets need to be reallocated in order to optimize funding. Our dedicated specialists will work with you to build a solution that will save you time and money now while helping you best optimize funds for future projects.

Annual Reports

The most effective way to provide more visibility and accountability in government programs is to share operational data with the public. Dundas Dashboard allows you to quickly build and deploy custom dashboards to your public website, with flexible interactive features to allow the public to explore and learn.

Custom KPIs

The bottom-line for many government departments lies in statistics. Dashboards are a great way to view your statistical information: from gauges to charts, data tables, maps, and more. Our data visualization experts can help you discover the best way to present your data.

Internal Reporting

Dashboards are a great way to improve internal reporting, particularly when tracking the performance of individual programs and new initiatives. Dundas Dashboard provides a central web portal where staff across many departments and regions can see consolidated and updated information. Reporting dashboards show Program Managers and Executives the status of specific programs, relevant personnel assignments and various program spending.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Program Revenue
  • Expenses vs. Budget
  • Performance vs. Goal
  • Employee Performance
  • Staff Turnover Rate
  • Satisfaction Survey Results