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Education Dashboard

Education Dashboards

In order to secure government funding, education institutions are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate performance measurements in an easy-to-understand fashion. With Dundas, you’ll be able provide your educational institution with better access to important data and an overall greater insight into the various ways that you can improve and report on performance.

Student Performance Dashboard Sample

This dashboard tracks the grades, attendance patterns, and assignment scores for a grade 10 Algebra class. Comparing current and historical performance helps a teacher identify students who are falling behind, and intervene on their behalf. This dashboard was designed by Stephen Few, a pioneer in data visualization best practices and founder of Perceptual Edge. We took his design (with permission) and replicated it in Dundas Dashboard to demonstrate the flexibility of our software.

Dashboard Solutions

Student Success

Help your students track their grades, GPA, finances, job applications, enrolled programs, and other related metrics on a dashboard within your institution’s student web portal.


Know how different buildings on campus affect your bottom line by tracking green initiatives and maintenance costs and making sure that they’re within the appropriate range. Make sure you’re running as efficiently as possible by viewing which of your facilities are in use and which can hold a larger student group.

Workforce Development

Career and recruitment centers can help students choose the right program by visualizing career-related metrics such as placement rates, time-to-placement, salary, graduation rates, and student happiness.


You don’t receive funds exclusively from one place, so a dashboard can help track alumni donations, fundraising procurements, and annual budgets with ease. A visual dashboard from Dundas can benefit your school’s treasury and make their job significantly easier. Analyze your donor statistics, habits and demographics on a dashboard to create more effective and targeted advertising and fundraising campaigns.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Students applied for Financial Aid
  • Extracurricular Participation
  • Per-student Expenditures
  • Average Class Size
  • Graduation Rate By Program
  • Employment Rate By Program
  • NAEP Test Scores
  • Attendance Rate
  • Cost per Graduate

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