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Construction Dashboard

Construction Dashboards

The construction process involves many different functions that need to be measured and monitored to ensure that projects are completed successfully and on time. Dundas Dashboard displays your information in a visual format to help you keep track of projects, manage costs, and maintain work standards.

Harbor Materials Dashboard Sample

This dashboard was designed by 323 Technology Solutions, a Dundas partner in the aggregates industry. It shows how an aggregates manufacturer can use dashboards to improve their operations, management, and dispatch processes. The dashboard is split into three tabs. The Operations tab tracks the flow of materials between plants, and optimizes the loading and timing of trucks. The Management tab displays information to help managers track sales performance and production. The Dispatch tab helps dispatch arrange for pickup and delivery of materials.

Dundas In Action

Harbor Materials – 323 Technology Solutions
Harbor Materials Dashboard

Dashboard Solutions

Project Management

A project status dashboard can help managers monitor progress to completion vs. time or budget usage, to keep an eye on cost overruns and delays. Perform Earned Value Analysis on your active design or construction projects to keep stakeholders informed as well as to forecast time-to-completion and cost-to-completion at any stage of the project.

Labor Productivity

Issues with productivity can hurt your bottom line. With Dundas, managers can track idle hours, overtime, labour turnover, training hours, safety incidents, and other metrics related to maintaining a productive and healthy workforce. Visualizing performance data at the employee level allows managers to correct bad behaviour and award good behaviour to ensure that everyone on the team is performing to the best of their abilities.

Cost Accounting

Keep project budgets under control by tracking avoidable costs such as non-compliance incidents, repairs, lost time, labour issues, idle equipment hours, and idle labour. A reporting dashboard can track material, labour, equipment and administrative costs (vs. budget) to improve forecasting accuracy on future projects.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Cost of Defect Repairs
  • Earned Value
  • Cost Overage (vs. Budget)
  • Time Overage (vs. Scheduled)
  • Idle Hours
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Cash Flow
  • Unapproved Change Orders

Construction Case Study

  • Case Study: 323 Technology Solutions

    323 uses the Dundas Connect partner program to offer high-impact data visualizations.
    Download Case Study PDF

What customers
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“Dundas Dashboard visualizes [our] data and makes it more digestible and accessible to the client audience.”
- McKinstry