Clean Technologies

Clean Tech Dashboard

Clean Technology Dashboards

Clean technology companies need to demonstrate the ROI of environmentally friendly technologies to their clients  and help them visualize how an alternative energy solution can reduce costs and lower environmental impact. Dundas can help with data visualization solutions that help businesses see the benefits of green technologies.

Clean Energy Dashboard Sample

This dashboard monitors the power output of solar panels and wind turbines in real-time to identify problems that require on-site service. If equipment fails to meet the expected thresholds, an indicator tells the service technician that a visit is required. Tapping on a location drills down to a detail screen, where the technician can see the equipment details and service history, as well as driving directions to the site, and other information to help with troubleshooting and ordering parts.

Dundas In Action


Dashboard Solutions

Reporting & Advertising

Dashboards can help make the case for switching to green technology. A dashboard hosted on a public website shows an organization is committed to improving the environment. This type of advertising fosters public goodwill and can even secure new lines of business with eco-conscious customers and government agencies.

Alternative Energy Analysis

A dashboard can show better than any report why clean energy can reduce usage for big energy consumers. By comparing energy consumption over time (from smart meters or plug-in energy monitors) to time-of-use rates, organizations can see the cost benefits of switching to wind or solar generation. As an added benefit, the energy saved can deliver renewable ROI to local programs that support selling excess energy back to the grid.

Reduced Emissions

A dashboard can be used to show greenhouse gas (GHG) and other waste emissions. Organizations can identify and reduce sources of GHGs in exchange for carbon credits or to demonstrate a conscious effort to go green. This data displayed on Kiosks or TV screens can create positive change by encouraging environmentally-conscious thinking at all levels of the organization.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Wind Speed, Solar Intensity
  • Energy Production
  • Energy Consumption
  • GHG Emissions
  • Carbon Credits Earned
  • Overage & Sell-Back