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Human Resources Dashboards

Human Resources Dashboards

In tough economic times your Human Resources team juggles two seemingly opposite goals: reduce personnel costs now while also retaining the talent pool needed for future growth. How an organization defines specific HR targets and then tracks and reports the results is critically important. Dundas provides data visualization solutions that help you see the big picture and build the kind of coordinated approach your organization needs to succeed. Let us show you how analytic dashboards can help manage costs, create a well-defined compensation system, deliver operational excellence, and enable growth.

Dashboard Solutions

Productivity Improvement

Scorecards that collect and analyze employee satisfaction metrics give decision-makers anonymous data that helps identify challenges in the workplace. Trend analysis of these metrics offers insight into how changes in corporate policy and culture affect employees, and can help prevent worker dissatisfaction.

Career Management

Secure Intranet sites let employees visit their own personal dashboards where they track and advance their career growth. Managers can use the dashboard to provide consistent, performance-based compensation to their employees with valuable performance metrics, such as job-specific mandates, executive strategy targets and personal development goals defined during personal development planning (PDP) sessions.

Succession Planning

Every organization has employees who are critical to the smooth operation of the business. Using an analytical quadrant, you can visually identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team by examining experience, length of employment, satisfaction, job role, and peer review scores.

Workforce Management

Analytical dashboards can provide a single view of employee data, such as absences, travel and expenses, overtime, payroll, benefits, stock options, and incentives in a secure, user-authenticated framework. Using this data, managers and HR staff can better negotiate salary and benefits, track expenditures, and more effectively schedule employees.

Leadership Development

Dashboards can make a difference in leadership development programs that train and reward employees. Use them to track manager performance based on the number of hours their employees spend in leadership training and personal development, rewards paid for innovation, and hours spent mentoring.

Visualize Such KPIs As:

  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Peer Review Score
  • Overtime Hours
  • Personal Development Hours
  • Mentoring Hours
  • Rewards Paid for Innovation