When you choose Dundas Professional Services, you receive:

  • Dashboards + Data Management

    Investing in an expensive data management suite may have been the first step in getting your organization on the same page, but if you’re unable to choose the right visualizations to present to every layer of your company then you’re not using it to its full ability. Dundas Solutions doesn’t compromise between data management and dashboards, providing both to your team so that they’re able to design the proper solution that focuses on reliability, high-availability and scalability.

  • Dashboard Users

    For Users By Users

    It should only make sense that your understanding would drive your business decision making. Dundas Solutions focuses on the needs of the end-user. Dundas ensures that our visual discovery solutions are relevant to everyone in your organization.

  • Dashboard Adoption

    Designing for Adoption

    When it comes to dashboards, long term user adoption does not happen accidentally. It involves an essential mix of performance, relevance, and ease of use. Our internal team of advisors will collaborate with you to make sure that all your needs are being addressed equally. Dundas Solutions add your business expertise to our core competency in creating BI and dashboard solutions that provide data visualizations that completely transform decision making.

  • Dashboard Learning

    Learn and Grow

    Success in BI and dashboard initiatives is about controlled momentum. Your personalized guided roadmap starts small with quick wins through rapid and precise delivery. Together over time, we work with you to sustain and manage that momentum by listening, gathering feedback, and validating our shared successes for each phase. With our agile and iterative delivery we are with you each step of the way helping to ensure success and manage risk.

  • Dashboard Solutions

    Solutions for Everyone

    Whether your current IT department is too busy or the previous IT department had unsuccessfully installed what they thought was a solution, we’re here to help. Our approach guarantees that no rock is left unturned when it comes to your data and that no person is left ignored when it comes to accessibility.