The 2016 Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) Market Study by Dresner Advisory Services helps users glean key insights into BI software supplier performance as expressed by BICC professionals. For their second annual BICC study a rich cross-section of data across geographies, functions, organization sizes, and vertical industries was gathered.

In 2016, reporting, dashboards, end-user self-service, advanced visualization, and data warehousing lead the overall audience list of technologies and initiatives strategic to business showing BICC priorities are well attuned to organizations’ priorities.

Dundas ranks as an overall experience leader in this 2016 Business Intelligence Competency Center Market Study for both customer experience and vendor credibility. The customer experience model considers the real-world experience of customers working with BI products on a daily basis. The vendor credibility model considers how customers “feel” about their vendor. This confirms Dundas BI’s fit for organizations that are looking to promote the usage of BI among more users and see higher adoption rates (for example via a BICC).


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