We understand that not all users have the same skills and requirements but your organization needs to cater to all of them.

We also know that you want to be able to scale your deployment and hardware without having to worry about license compatibility.

We appreciate that you’re price conscious, especially when it comes to large deployments that need to cover your entire organization or your external customers.

We Adapt to the Needs of Your Different Users

Dundas BI offers licenses that adapt to your different types of users (internal or external). User licenses can be tied to specific named users or can be shared across many with concurrent licenses. This helps you to easily scale up the deployment across more and more users in the organization in a cost effective way.

We also made sure you won’t have to worry about your hardware not taking the load or be limited to a certain server spec. You can deploy on as many servers or CPU/Core loaded server as you wish, without having to buy additional licenses.

Finally, we made sure you don’t have to take risks and worry about running out of licenses. Dundas BI will allow you to track and monitor your system usage, and will also notify you when you start reaching your full capacity of users so you can better plan and adjust to serve all your users. Unlimited users models are also available in cases where your deployment scales up to more and more users.

dundas bi pricing

We Offer a Flexible Licensing Model

Dundas BI pricing is flexible like the platform – allowing you to choose the model that works best for you. You can select the number of users required by type, if those will be named or concurrent, if you need a single or multi-tenant deployment, and if you want to buy perpetually or lease annually.

Please contact sales for additional details and a quote fitted to your organization’s needs.