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Allow us to reintroduce ourselves. We’ve made some great strides in the past few months and plan on taking leap in the near future, so we feel that it’s better for you to get familiar with us now than to catch-up later.

If you’re not properly visualizing your data, you’re wasting it. This simple phrase is the reason that Dundas got into data visualization and the reason that we want to help you do it right. Data is everywhere. Everything we do has a quantifiable value behind it, but it’s only through monitoring and comprehending these values that we can ever hope to become better at our jobs. But just because data is everywhere doesn’t mean that it’s easy to make sense of it. A hundred rows of information presented on a spreadsheet isn’t easy to interpret in a way that helps your spot trends or cycles, so visualizing data is often the only way to properly understand it.

Dundas does data visualization very, very well. In fact, we’ve been visualizing data for the last twenty years. Starting in 1992, what began as a two-man operation working on innovative grid controls evolved into working in the field of user interfaces, which lead to the creation of 2D and 3D charts. By 2002 our Dundas Chart for .NET became one of the most popular charting technologies in the world and was quickly followed by Dundas Gauge, Dundas Map, Dundas OLAP Chart and Dundas Calendar controls, all of which would be bought by Microsoft in 2007 to become a part of their Reporting Services, SharePoint and .NET offerings.

We’ve put all of our focus since 2007 on translating our data visualization experience into comprehensive and customizable business dashboards. We want to help your company see the biggest possible picture by democratizing any of your data and letting everyone see what they are measured on so that they can see where improvements can be made.

In addition to providing you with this comprehensive dashboard tool, we also want to make sure you’re using it to its full potential. Everyone can swing a hammer, but that doesn’t mean they can build you a dresser. Our experts will work with you to help you unravel your business needs and to display all of them in the most efficient way possible on one of our dashboards, working with your custom databases and security settings along the way. With your own dedicated team of professionals, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish with Dundas Dashboard.

We want your company to become a leader in your industry and we know that the only way that can happen is if you use business dashboards to tell your company’s story and spot trends before they become an issue. Dundas Dashboard is the perfect tool for this, let us show you why.

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Slava is the Content Marketing Specialist at Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. He is responsible for generating content for multiple communication channels including marketing collateral, website, social media, PR and Media placements.

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