9/10 companies are not satisfied by their reporting capabilities and processes. They lack the ability to quickly create accurate and beautiful visualizations that tell the true story of their data, and are unable to share them within the organization or with customers. As a result, you’re being forced to work the way the reporting tool dictates – not the way you want or need to.

Are you suffering from the following Business Intelligence limitations?

  • Unnatainable Envisioned Design
  • Required too many tools
  • Standard actions too complex
  • Non-reliable manual processes
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At Dundas, we think differently

We know that true BI success isn’t achieved by simply providing generic, cookie-cutter tools. The reality is, effective BI requires a shared vision and collaboration between business and technical users. It’s about more than just analysts exploring your data – it’s about business people being empowered to act on it. That is why we’re focused on perfecting how you interact with and visualize your data. For over two decades we have led innovation in data visualization and have helped organizations step up their BI game. We provide a personal experience – from our product right through to how we support it. We empower people with the right capabilities to personalize the BI experience as desired. It’s about opening the door to endless possibilities – and removing all boundaries. We believe in a BI experience that is designed exactly for data-driven people.

One Flexible Platform

The possibilities are endless

Dundas BI’s rich end-to-end business intelligence capabilities eliminate the need to have multiple tools to prepare, analyze and visualize data.

One Flexible Platform

Dundas BI’s agile data flow allows different types of users to start their data journey according to their preferences. Whether you are an analyst or business intelligence professional, you can immediately start your visual data exploration or preparation of a dedicated dataset for specific dashboards. Here’s the kicker; no matter how you want to work, any content created from any user, can be re-used and shared across the entire organization.

Beyond our broad capabilities, Dundas BI offers the most flexible and customizable business intelligence software for data visualization. Using modern HTML5 and fully open APIs, Dundas BI allows you to customize, enhance, and meet any design requirements your users desire. This is part of what powers our fast self-service and allows it to be integrated and embedded into other applications.

Seamless User Experience

View. Create. Interact – Anywhere. Any Device.

Dundas BI is based on responsive HTML5 web technology, which lets you connect, interact and analyze your data on any device. You get the flexibility to stay connected to your business intelligence from wherever you are.

The HTML5 interface allows you to deploy on all mobile platforms, without having to develop and maintain a dedicated solution for each, and without depending on a desktop application to analyze your data.

In addition to offering a fully immersive experience, by incorporating an adaptive user experience, Dundas BI automatically exposes the options that are relevant to you, regardless of you being an analyst, business intelligence professional, or business user.