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Parallel Coordinates - Multivariate Analysis of US Universities

When we released Dundas BI 4, we knew that as a business analyst searching for answers, you are always exploring data. It’s with this in mind that we continually strive to help you spot insights with smarter visualizations and extreme customizations, providing the perfect combination to see them as you need them.

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The World's Largest BI Survey - Get the Results

Which business intelligence (BI) tool is the best? What do existing customers think of their BI tools? Is the best BI software the best one for your business? What criteria should be considered when comparing BI tools? 

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Dynamic Visualization of Travel Distances

Have you ever wondered how far away a customer is located from you, and how fast you can reach them? If you’re in certain industries, such as logistics, where timely delivery of products is critical to stay ahead of the competition, this information becomes highly valuable.  Dundas BI allows you to retrieve these insights by looking at the address of the customer from your database, such as the CRM system, and calculates and displays the distance and travel time to get there on a dashboard.


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Exploring Hidden Relationships Within Netflix's Original Content

What does it mean to be king? Just ask content creator and distributor extraordinaire, Netflix. In a recent study, Netflix was shown to have the best original content in comparison to not only other on-demand streaming services but to any television subscription service (sorry HBO and Game of Thrones).

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